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Santrax® Agency Solutions

Santrax® Agency Management is a complete solution for building an entirely paperless office and is the one solution that enables Home Care Agencies to manage all lines of business including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and Private Duty. It incorporates Santrax® Telephony, the market-leading Electronic Visit Verification solution and provides end-to-end processing for all key clinical, financial, and operational functions.

Santrax® Agency Management modules include:

Client and Staff Management

Santrax® Agency Management’s Client Module and Staff Module include easy entry of new clients and staff with tools to collect demographic and emergency contact data. The data collection is robust and allows for attribute selection, assignment to locations with a configurable client navigator and availability, real time compliance tracking and scanned employee documents for staff.

Compliance Tracking and Documentation

Santrax® Agency Management automates the management of all critical compliance items. It provides advanced technology to enhance plan-of-care compliance and provides complete automation of OASIS data input. Real Time dashboards enable managers to track staff activity in real-time via a web interface, providing supervisors with instant knowledge of missed visits, late visits and other problem situations. It establishes a comprehensive electronic audit trail, improving accuracy and saving time. Added features such as Schedule Prompting, Plan of Care Prompting, and Speaker Verification help to improve care plan accuracy and enhance caregiver compliance.

Advanced Scheduling

Santrax® Agency Management’s Advanced Schedule Module is a powerful scheduling engine designed to maximize efficiency. It incorporates creation of schedules from both ordered frequency and authorizations with real time validation. The Advanced Scheduling Module also provides proximity and attributes searching, with real-time validation of staff compliance. Schedules can be viewed in a calendar, weekly or detailed format, and can be validated real time with our integrated Santrax® electronic visit verification. A configurable alert system provides enhanced visibility and compliance tracking for your administrators of schedule variances.

Electronic Visit Verification

Santrax® Agency Management offers the option of adding our Santrax® Electronic Visit Verification to provide real time validation of encounter data at the point of care. Our Assured Coverage Program uses multiple technologies to ensure maximum compliance in regard to the automation of visit verification. Assured Coverage combines our industry leading Santrax® Telephony solution, our patented Fixed Visit Verification, which works in homes with no land lines or cell service, and Santrax® Mobile Visit Verification which uses GPS enabled phones to validate visits and to track and manage field worker activity.


Santrax® Agency Management’s Billing Module accelerates cash flow and ensures billing compliance for multiple Payors while supporting electronic submissions for Medicare, Medicaid, Private Duty, UB04, 1500 and all other invoice types. Users are able to electronically post payments or adjustments, void and re-submit claims and keep records of payment details. Accounts Receivable data can be exported in detail or summary to general ledger systems. Gross payroll can be calculated within the system, and payroll can be administered through payroll exports or summary reports to your payroll system.

Next Generation Point of Care Solutions

Santrax® Point of Care is Sandata’s Next Generation technology that automates the process of clinical assessments and documentation in the field. Santrax® Point of Care maximizes efficiency and workflow while providing virtually no limitations to platforms or settings of care. It provides full interactive access to schedules and the complete electronic health record, and can be used in either a connected or disconnected mode. Santrax® Point of Care can be deployed on a wide variety of operating platforms and devices, allowing you to customize the solution to meet your staff and business needs.
Santrax® Point of Care can even automate the submission of paper assessments which are scanned and run through smart edits for either direct submission or integration into Santrax® Agency Management.

Electronic Health Records

Santrax® Agency Management’s comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) allows you to manage all clinical documentation, including comprehensive assessments, OASIS, physician orders, visit notes, medication profiles, lab and X-ray reports, wound photos, images and other data. Additionally, paper documents can be scanned and stored electronically in the EHR.


Santrax® Agency Management comes with a complete advanced reporting suite providing over 1000 possible report combinations covering every aspect of an agency’s business.

Santrax® Analyzer, our optional advanced Analytics solution, is a robust analytics tool designed specifically for the Home Care industry. Analyzer aggregates data across multiple source systems, allowing for access to real time data, enhanced clinical operations and improved quality outcomes ensuring accurate revenue and helping manage risk for Medicare-certified Agencies.

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Santrax® Telephony

- Used by more caregivers and home healthcare workers than any other telephony system, Santrax® Telephony helps ensure clinical compliance, improves quality of care, streamlines back-office processes, and reduces time between service delivery and billing. It improves patient care and quality through assured coverage and increases clinical compliance, which increase patient quality and care.